Posted on 03 Sep 2022

Good Publication Practice Guidelines for Company-Sponsored Biomedical Research: 2022 Update Published in Annals of Internal Medicine

Good publication practice

Tarrytown, NY, August 29, 2022: The 2022 update of the Good Publication Practice (GPP 2022) guidelines, a key guidance document for the publication of company-sponsored biomedical research, was published online today in the Annals of Internal Medicine. ACCESS GPP 2022 in the August 30, 2022 issue of Annals.

“We are pleased to deliver the updated GPP 2022 guidance to the medical publications and communications community, and we encourage all in the profession – individuals and organizations – to adopt these contemporary best practices,” said co-author Dan Bridges, Global CEO of Inizio Medical and Chair of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) Board of Trustees.

GPP 2022 is the third update of the original GPP guidelines, which were published in 2003 and updated under the auspices of ISMPP in 2009 and 2015. ISMPP was pivotal in ensuring that the authors of GPP 2022 would be a globally diverse group representing academia, industry and medical communications companies, publishers, and journal editors.

“We are honored to support this continued commitment to ethics and integrity in publishing company-sponsored biomedical research.” said Lisa DeTora, PhD, lead author and Associate Professor at Hofstra University, speaking for the authoring group.

GPP 2022 specifies principles for ethical practices, such as inclusivity and transparency, and for responsible planning of biomedical publications. An accompanying supplement provides a series of sections that outline important elements of the publication profession, such as forming steering committees and authoring publications. New information includes the possible role of patients as authors or contributors to publications and working in alliance settings. The authors also encourage the use of enhanced content, such as plain language summaries.

Before the updated guidance was submitted to Annals, the authors solicited feedback from 38 invited experts. A subsequent call for volunteer reviewers, issued through ISMPP, resulted in an unprecedented level of involvement from those who use GPP every day; over 120 sets of comments, representing the collaborative input of hundreds of professionals, were received.

"ISMPP is honored to recognize the contributions of our membership to the updates in GPP 2022,” said Robert Matheis, President and CEO of ISMPP. “We also congratulate the authors of GPP 2022 on this significant accomplishment that will advance the medical publications profession and its practices.”

The authors hope the updated GPP guidelines and accompanying supplement will help everyone developing biomedical publications to better interpret and apply GPP principles, thus promoting transparency and integrity. “We thank ISMPP and its membership for the huge outpouring of support for this GPP update,” said DeTora.


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