EMWA Webinars Programme

EMWA webinars help members to develop skills and keep up to date with new or rapidly developing areas. Most of our webinars are live, online seminars with the opportunity for participants to ask questions. For live webinars, you only need to register – you will need your EMWA membership details.

Upcoming 2024 webinars are listed below

Live webinars are recorded and uploaded to the Webinar Archive soon after the event. The Webinar Archive is only accessible to EMWA members.

Each year we run a few webinars that are publicly available.

Diana Ribeiro is the EPDC member responsible for webinars. With the support of the webinar team, Diana leads, plans and promotes the programme, helps presenters to prepare for their webinars, provides quality assurance, and runs the live webinars. The webinar team also provides analysis of the webinar metrics.

Meet the EMWA webinar team

Johanna Chester: Co-Webinar Lead

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Diana Ribeiro: Co-Webinar Lead