Getting into Medical Writing



Evguenia Alechine

Group members:

      • Raquel Billiones
      • Alexandra Sanfins
      • Francesca Capellini
      • Namrata Singh
      • Julia Cooper
      • Sarah Hopwood
      • Sarah Tilly
      • Peter Llewellyn  
      • Barbara Bartolini 
      • Jackie Johnson
      • Clare Chang
      • Claire Gudex
      • Virginia Chachati
      • Anne McDonough
      • Ivana Turek
      • Abe Shevack (Ambassador’s programme collaborator) 

GIMW group objectives

The aim of the Getting into Medical Writing group is to support new EMWA members in smoothly and successfully starting their career path as medical writers.

The GIMW group meets virtually every month. 

If you are an experienced medical writer interested in contributing to creating resources for new EMWA members and aspiring medical writers, please contact Evguenia Alechine at

If you’re new to medical writing, keep an eye on upcoming activities run by this group that will be announced via EMWA’s newsblast, the web page and on social media. 

Group activities

      • Running monthly online calls to organise new activities and resources
      • Organising the GIMW session at EMWA conferences
      • Supporting the private GIMW LinkedIn group
      • Creating resources for new EMWA members and aspiring medical writers
      • Supporting new EMWA members and aspiring medical writers
      • Working in collaboration with the Ambassador’s programme

Medical Writing journal

If you want to share your experience getting your foot in the door with new EMWA members, you can contact Ivana Turek and publish an article in the Getting Your Foot in the Door section of the journal.

If you’re an aspiring medical writer and you want a chance to get feedback on your writing and showcase your writing skills with the community, you can contact Evguenia Alechine and publish your first article in the My First Medical Writing section.

Upcoming events

First GIMW Group Open Meet & Share

The Getting into Medical Writing Group is excited to announce their first Open Meet & Share on the use of LinkedIn and other social media platforms to get into the medical writing industry. This will be an open discussion joined by Peter Llewellyn, Francesca Capellini, Clare Chang and Evguenia Alechine, who will share their experiences and advice to leverage the use of LinkedIn and break into this amazing career path.

When: Feb 3, 2022 15:00 CET

Email: to receive your registration invite

We warmly welcome all new and aspiring medical writers to join this discussion.

Resources for new medical writers

***Coming soon***