Posted on 04 May 2021

EMWA's virtual conference has started!

On Tuesday, May 4, EMWA's second-ever virtual conference began with a multifaceted Opening Session. Almost 200 online attendees were welcomed by the EMWA President, Beatrix Doerr, and the Conference Director, Slavka Baronikova.

Art Gertel outlined the Joint Position Statement on Peer Review while Chris Winchester spoke about Open Pharma’s Plain Language Summaries Recommendation.

Several presentations of awards were made, and these will be reported on separately. 

There was a treat for EMWA members when Craig Woods gave his presentation titled, "Comparative and Translational Medicine: the integration of veterinary and human clinical research". This was followed by the equally interesting talk on "How Infographics Saved London: John Snow & the 1854 Cholera Epidemic" by Barry Drees.

Just like at conferences of old, there was then a networking opportunity.

There is lots more to come!

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1-day symposium: Clinical Trials - New Trends
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