Posted on 21 Jun 2021

EMWA’s contribution to sustainability

As you most likely already know, EMWA has turned its attention to sustainability in recent years. The recent founding of the Sustainability SIG is evidence of this.

These days, there are many companies assisting associations like ours to play our part. One such company is I Plant A Tree. Here is a snipper from the About Us section of the I Plant A Tree website.

“In 2006, the United Nations called for the planting of one billion trees. We asked ourselves: how can we actually understand whether and where these trees are being planted? That's how this website was created, where users can plant trees online. We also wanted to measure the impact of plantations on the climate. The results are CO2 counters that not only take the tree species into account. Because not all trees survive through natural selection and removal, we divide the CO2 binding of the stand by the number of trees planted. The individual CO2-counter shows how much of the total CO2-capture the tree's own share is.”

The website also contains league tables and EMWA is currently ranked 6th in the NGO sector. We hope to plant more trees and climb even higher up the table.

If you would like to know more about sustainability at EMWA, or better yet, get involved, please reach out to any member of EMWA’s Sustainability SIG.