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The company listing is a subscription service that allows EMWA members and non-members the opportunity to advertise their company's products and/or services. The companies listed below are companies that may be of interest to medical writers and editors and who have chosen to have their services displayed. It is not EMWA policy to vet these entries and entry in this list does not imply any form of endorsement by the European Medical Writers Association. These entries and list cannot be reproduced elsewhere without express permission.

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Talstrasse 70
CH-8001 Zurich
First name: Frank
Last name: Waaga
Phone: +41 43 508 03 13

Skills And Services Offered:

We are a team of determined, committed and ambitious medical communications professionals whose purpose is to help medical companies build and manage transformative medical communications programs that engage, inspire and educate. By bringing together a unique mix of knowledgeable, experienced and intuitive medical writers, designers, strategists and marketers, we seek to make complex science simple. This results in medical communications programs that improve medical decision making and positively impact the lives of both HCPs and their patients. In everything, we bring the integrity of a scientist, the imagination of a creator and the determination of an entrepreneur.


Medical Writing

We turn complex data into documents that healthcare professionals can easily digest, understand and remember. By presenting clinical data in a clear, articulate and interesting way, we can increase the chances of getting your papers published because we know what editors are looking for.

Health Economics

It’s essential that payers understand the true value of what you’re selling – both clinically and in terms of cost. Scientists and researchers are used to communicating with physicians. But too often they lack the communications skills that allow you to inform and educate the payer bodies in a meaningful way about the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a new treatment. With clinical data being invariably complex, you need to bridge the gap between medical researchers and decision makers. And that’s where we can help. .

Regulatory Writing and Clinical Research

Due to our European medical device expertise, high-quality staff and modern infrastructure, you can rely on us to deliver regulatory documents of high standard. If you are looking for a partner to help you with the protocol, the subject informed consent, the ethics committee application, proposed labelling and the final study report then please let us know.p>

Medical Marketing

Whether online, in print or in person, your medical marketing communications will be read, understood and remembered by your audiences if they’re well written, on target, engaging and interesting. We specialise in writing compelling and influential content that allow you to communicate one-to-one with the right customers. .

Other information:

Call +41 43 508 03 13 to discover more. Or email us here